High Technology:

We can help you or your company solve those technical or manufacturing problems. Your business may be private, public or military sector, classified or non-classified, whatever... We have the experience and knowledge to radically speed up and solve your technical issues, or we will get you to companies who can...fast!!!

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Space Shuttle sts112 launch

Here is a list of some of our services:

1.Shock waves

2.Active or Passive Control Systems

3.Confidential, Non-Disclosure Patent Writing or Assistance

4.Total Vibration Analysis

5.Vibration and Surface Control

6."Smart Systems"

7.Active and Passive Distortion Control

8.High Frequency PetaHertz Feed Forward and "Learning Systems"


10.Magnetic Systems in Electromagnetic, Neodymium or Samarium Cobalt non-superconductive

11.Active Suspensions

12.Computer Control Systems

13. Smart and Flex Surfaces

14. Ultra Calibration, N.I.S.T.

15. Noise Reduction Systems (Active or Passive) and sound cancellation or damping

16. Microwaves and Cell phones

17. Firearm Suppressors

18. Patent writing or assistance (we are not attorney's)

19. High AMPERE 2000+ (9-16 volt) 24000 watt powercube, 1/10 cubic foot, less than 3 pounds! email us NEW PRODUCT!!