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Got that great idea you think should or could be patented?

Let us help you through the extremely technical and long patent process in a quick easy way that will save you lots and lots of money. We will save you lots and lots of money by:

RULE 0.determining if your idea is a just a good idea(the world is full of these), or is your idea is financially economic, and is your idea PROFITABLE? and finally, can you PATENT your idea?.

1. economically analyzing your idea

2.suggesting improvements

3.naming suggestions and presenting to potential corporate customers

5.teaching you how to search for any related patents or designs

6.analyzing you and or your companies experience and potential resources for achieving patent success

Your lawyer(s) are going to charge you $200 to $400 U.S.Dollars PER HOUR each for their "helpful?" suggestions, furthermore they may not have the engineering or marketing expirience we have. Unless your income level is higher than that, save money by doing lots of the work yourself. Before your lawyer is going to charge you for it.

Overcome the biggest fear most new inventor's have...the fear that someone will take their idea and make millions of dollars. First of all most patents don't make millions of dollars. Second, most people are not interested. Third, most people do not have the resources to fully maximize the potential of any idea or patent. Forth, most patents are "improvements" to existing machines or devices, the "improvements" are very subtle or very technical, it is highly unlikely any normal person(non-professional) will notice the "improvement(s)" to a point that they could exploit it or you.

However, we recommend that you DO NOT TELL anyone who does not need or want to know about your patent idea. Specifically, are large corporations who do have the technical and financial resources to exploit your idea.

For patent licensing and or manufacturing and testing opportunities you may contact us directly.

DISCLAIMER, WE ARE NOT LAWYERS, NOR DO WE REPRESENT ANY LAWYERS, you should eventually have your own lawyer, we can also help you through that selection process.